"B" Cable Kit (20 to 35 SF)

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Product Overview


Our electric floor warming cables have been keeping stone, ceramic and engineered wood flooring comfortable for over 40 years. The cables are easily installed over plywood, concrete or cement backerboard subflooring, and can be embedded in thinset or self-leveling underlayment.



Standard Spacing Coverage: 26 - 35 SF
Alternating Spacing Coverage: 20 - 27 SF
Electrical Requirements: 240 Volts / 1.6 Amps



DFT Cable Kits with longer lengths and metal strapping

Warm tiles Cable systems provide a quick and easy installation by utilizing two different cable spacing options. In a typical room above a heated area, simply space the cable 3” apart. For a room above a unheated area or a concrete slab, alternate the spacing from 3” to 1 ½”. Simply lace the cable in the metal strapping.

How do I know which floor warming system to buy?

The Warm Tiles Cable system provides unlimited design configurations for even the most difficult shaped room. The Warm Tiles cable allows you to install full floor warming coverage by lacing the cable on the floor wherever you require a heated area. Two different spacing options enable these extremely flexible cables to be installed virtually anywhere. In a typical room above a heated area, simply lace the cable 3” apart. For a room above an unheated area, on concrete slabs or a high heat loss room such as a solarium, alternate the spacing from 3” apart, then 1.5” apart, then 3” apart and so on. Simply lace the cable into the strapping included in your Cable Installation Kit and follow the Cable installation instructions.

Choose the system that’s right for you!

How do I know how much floor warming to buy? There is no need to install floor warming systems under base cabinets or plumbing fixtures, within 2”- 8” of baseboards and 6” from the toilet flange.

• Accurately measure the length and width of the walkable heated areas of your room in sections.

• Add the walkable heated areas together to determine the total square footage of floor warming that will be needed.

• Choose the correct system for your application by square footage from the Warm Tiles Product Selection Charts.

Product Selection Chart for Cable Kits

Select Floor Warming kit voltage, 120V or 240V, to match your power supply. For areas larger than 70 ft2, the 240V kits may be more economical. Use Standard 3” spacing for rooms above heated areas. Use Alternate 3”, 1.5”, 3” spacing for rooms above unheated areas, concrete slabs or high heat loss areas. All measurements are per kit.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review