Cast Metal Decoratives - Brushed Nickel Dorset Clover Deco 4x4

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Product Overview

Cast Metal and Cast Stone decorative tiles provide a stylish accent for your home, and coordinate beautifully with natural stone and ceramic tiles.


How are the tiles made?
The tiles are “Cast in Questech”, a proprietary composite that uses natural stone. Each tile comes from an original hand carved design.

Are there variations in tone and color?
The tiles will vary naturally from piece to piece. However, they do not vary from lot to lot like ceramic tile, and will always coordinate beautifully together.

Where can I use the tiles?
They can be used on any interior wall, including wet areas. The tiles can also be used as a counter edge molding. Tiles are not suitable for countertop surfaces or exterior installations. Designated floor products may be used on both interior walls and residential/light commercial floors.

How do I install the tiles?
Tiles that are “Cast in Questech” can be installed using standard tile setting methods (polymer fortified thin-set, epoxy and mastic). They cut easily with a wet saw or a spiral saw and can be drilled with a high-speed drill. Do not score and snap.

Are there special installation situations?
To ensure proper bond, high temperature installations might require epoxy adhesive and grout. Examples where epoxy is recommended includes some kitchen cook-tops, fireplace surrounds and steam showers. Please read Questech Cast Stone Installation, Use & Care Instructions for full installation information prior to installing tiles.

What is Q-Seal™?
Questech tiles and accessories are protected by Q-Seal, a factory-applied, permanent sealer that is guaranteed to be water and stain resistant for as long as you own your home. The sealer also provides abrasion resistance and includes an anti-bacterial ingredient – Ultra-Fresh®, that inhibits the growth of mold an mildew.

What happens if I accidentally get stone or grout sealer on the tile?
Sealers cannot penetrate or adversely affect Q-Seal. Simply wipe excess sealer off the piece.

How do I clean the tiles?
The surface can be cleaned with any ordinary household cleaner. Harsh chemicals like bleach should be wiped away shortly after application. Do not use abrasive implements for cleaning, for example, scouring pads and steel wool are not recommended.


Interior Exterior
Residential LT Commercial Commercial
Pool Tile


  • Type: Metal, Resin Body & Ceramic Back


(No reviews yet) Write a Review