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As a result of careful market research aimed at the satisfaction of all types of customers, HORUS ART TILE has decided to come to market with two distinct product offerings. The two offerings are the classics series and the contemporary series. Buy Horus Art tile, the classics, online now at Tilesdirect.net. 

THE CLASSICS is a collections of "classic" looks and designs that maintain close ties with the craftsmanship of the past, combining the tradition of unparalleled taste. Horus Art tile’s online offering from Tilesdirect.net includes the Broadway, Tiffany, and Cristalli collections. Broadway is a thick ceramic tile with a high-gloss finish that provides a high-end “boutique” look. Broadway is made in four colors, three sizes and an elaborate collection of decorative accent pieces, to allow for a wide range of creative options. Tiffany from Horus Art Tile is a Glossy Crackle Ceramic Wall Tile. Nice classic wall tile with a crackle glaze for a vintage look. Lastly, we have the Cristalli by Horus Art. This tile is reminiscent of the tile used by architects and artisans of the 19th century. Cristalli wall tile has the look of handmade tile. The feature of this tile is the pretty sparkle added to the glaze and the crackle finish.

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