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Becoming involved with cement tiles was born out of our deep love of old floor tiles; sight, touch, memories, unlimited design options. The nature of the material allows the use of tiles that vary in appearance depending on how nostalgic or contemporary we want it to be. 

 Meeting with architects involved in restoration spawned other products such as Manchalach which is an iron shutter decorated with Templar-style figures, Cremon - Handles and knobs mechanism for doors and windows, iron railings and more.

 For over twenty years, we have been developing products and providing customized solutions worldwide in a variety of disciplines, ranging from product planning and design to production. Recognition of the increasing need to preserve the old (restoration) and the challenge to provide a solution that meets with the original, came simultaneously with the need to adapt the material for daily and intensive use, which is the rigorous standards of the Isreal Standards Institute. The search for tile manufacturers around the world has led us to work with the best manufacturers, which maintained a tradition of quality for more than one hundred and fifty years. It was important for us to find partners, who joined us in finding and developing ways to meet a variety of changing needs of our customers in restoration, public and private buildings. 

 We offer a diverse palette which helps us meet the requirements involved in conservation. We are willing to develop and reconstruct examples according to customer requirements while maintaining strict quality control standards. 

 The company is headed by Shlomo Shohat, with designer Efrat Shochat Zeichner, and architect Merav Halamish. 


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