FILA Cleaners - Neutral Cleaner - 1 Quart

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Product Overview

What's It For?

•Gently cleans all wall and floor coverings.
•Safe for pretreated and delicate surfaces.
•Essential in post-installation cleaning of acid sensitive materials such as marble, limestone and travertine.


Ideal For:

•All Natural Stone, Tile, Wood And Household Surfaces



•Does Not Damage Delicate Surfaces.
•Ideal For Maintaining Waxed And Laminated Surfaces.
•Highly Concentrated – Can Be Diluted According To Use.
•When Diluted 1:200, It Does Not Leave A Residue, Does Not Require Rinsing And Can Be Used In Floor Cleaning Machines.
•Pleasantly Scented.


*Recommended For:

•Noga Cement Tiles


(No reviews yet) Write a Review