Marmo Acero Perlato Bianco 4x24 Bullnose

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Product Overview

MARMO ACERO - ANTIBACTERIAL PORCELAIN TILE Our newest product possessing unique consumer properties and high antibacterial activity.

The antibacterial property of the Marmo Acero product is based upon the application of silver nano particles (3-10 nm) during the manufacturing process. The product possesses a wide ranging antimicrobial effect. It resists bacteria as well as fungus, mold and viruses. The product is completely non-toxic,has no odor and is long lasting. Silver particles have the size of 3-10 nm,they have great surface area and this is the reason of high activity of the product. The SILMAKS silver particles are injected into the glaze during the manufacturing process in a 1%-2% concentration. Additional SILMAKS applications can be done prior to firing of the tile. The SILMAKS silver particles prevent the formation of microorganisims,bacteria and mold on the surface of the tile. As the silver particles are part of the tile glaze they never wear. The use of the SILMAKS silver particles has no effect on the appearance or other technical characteristics of the tile.

Product applications include:

- Medical Centers

- Food Industries

- Laboratories

- All domestic and residential applications


Interior Exterior
Residential LT Commercial Commercial
Pool Tile


  • Type: Porcelain Tile


(No reviews yet) Write a Review