Noga Cement - Clay H1002 Solid Tile 8" Hexagon

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41.00 LBS

Product Overview

NOGA ™ Hand-made Cement Tile is a unique reproduction of original, historically accurate cement tile.  This collection is produced by closely following restoration laws to ensure original tile patterns and colors are accurately replicated.  Each tile is hand made applying the utmost craftsmanship and adhering to high-quality standards to maintain design, color, and performance of each piece of tile. Hand-made Cement Tile is often confused with "encaustic" tile.  The differences between authentic hand made cement tile and encaustic tile are:

  • Encaustic tiles are made of clay, applied with glaze, and then fired
  • Cement tiles are made of white and gray cements, quartz, marble dust and pigments
  • Cement tiles are NOT fired or glazed
  • Cement tiles are pressed and then placed in a water bath and then left to cure for 28 days in a mist room where they are constantly misted with water to make them strong
 Using these tiles for decoration gives a fresh, authentic and updated look, with superior quality. NOGA ™ has supplied material for Historical UNESCO projects and their tiles have been installed in hotels, restaurants, and residential homes across Europe, Middle East, and North America.
Please Check The Installation and Maintenance guide before installation of this product. 


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Noga Cement Tiles are suitable for all residential and commercial applications.


  • Type: Cement Tile

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