Stone Vessel 16" X 16"


Care & Maintenance

To maintain the beauty of your Lenova granite, marble, or onyx sink, wipe after use with a soft cloth. In addition, clean regularly with a granite or marble cleaner

Stone surfaces can be easily etched by cleaning products containing acids. Clean, polish, and seal only with products meant for natural stone materials. We recommend that you wipe up spills immediately and do not allow surface deposits of water bi-products such as calcium, salt, lime or detergents to build up on your stone sink. Wipe your stone sink often so that it does not accumulate soap scum. Make sure that you thoroughly rinse and dry the stone sink after cleaning.

With proper care, stone sinks can add elegance to your kitchen and bathroom for many years.



Lenova Stock # SV-10


Mount Style AC


Overall Dimensions 16 x 16


Bowl Dimensions L: 14 x 14 x 5 1/2


Weight (lbs) 30.00




Brand: Lenova Sinks


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