Touch Pearl Essence Porcelain Bullnose 3x12 (15 pcs)

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Product Overview

See me ... Feel me ... Touch me. ItÕs been over 40 years since Roger Daltrey of The Who sang those immortal lyrics in the rock opera ÒTommyÓ. And today, a porcelain tile has been created that you truly do have to see, feel and touch to totally experience. Mediterranea proudly introduces the Touch series Ð a product unlike any other in the 25-year history of the world-renowned tile design and manufacturing company. Touch features a unique and unmistakable linen texture not found in other manufactured products. Running your hands over the surface, you understand that your eyes are not deceiving you Ð the tile truly does have the ÒtouchÓ of the worldÕs nest textured linen. Created using MediterraneaÕs unique Dynamic HD Imaging design process, Touch features classic colors and subtle design elements to make it ideal for use in any distinctive installation.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review