Ergon Tile was first created in 1991 as the Emil Ceramica Group introduced solid porcelain stoneware into the Group’s product range.Ergon Tile recognized as technologically advanced and an improvement over the competition’s products enabled Ergon Tile to grow rapidly in terms of both sales and credibility.Ergon Tiles first years in the commercial and residential sectors, with the backing of its parent company Emil Ceramica, led it to acquire market share. Ergon Tile maintained and expanded in time thanks to many factors, the most important being technological innovation, which ensured constant progress in design, style, and growth.

Buy Ergon Tiles two most exciting line at incredible prices online now at Wood Talk: You won't believe it's not wood! Wood Talk porcelain plank tile was painstakingly developed researching many various tree species, how they aged and the effects of their environment had on creating color, grain and aesthetic imperfections. This beautiful wood look porcelain tile is manufactured to be tough and durable, specifically for high traffic areas. Wood Talk is made in four gorgeous colors and stocked in two sizes and a modular pattern.  Stone Project a project born from stone. After researching and studying the various ways natural stone is cut and worked, the result was a new and improved engineered stone. Stone Project features two common cut looks--cross-cut and vein-cut. Cross-cut is a cut made parallel to the sediment showing the stone's natural cloud or fleuri (flowery) circular pattern.  A vein-cut is made against the sediment revealing the stone's natural veining.Stone Project is produced in such a unique way that it replicates the surface richness and variability of natural stone. The revolutionary technology of combining double-loaded pressing and Full HD digital graphics not just copies the stone’s perfect beauty but also ensures superior performance and functionality.  The hardness and compactness of Stone Project are similar to those of natural stone.

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