LVT - Information & Care

Tiles Direct’s selection of LVT is 100% waterproof, kid-proof, pet-proof, and low-maintenance. The collections feature industry-leading warranties that are backed by one of the largest flooring distributors in America. The LVT collections have all been tested by the ASTM for performance in sound, slip-resistance, flammability, and safety.

Is LVT difficult to install?

Tiles Direct’s selection of LVT features a pre-attached backing for a streamlined vinyl flooring installation. In most cases LVT can be placed directly over existing floors – with little to no prep. For a complete step-by-step guide, click here:

How do I clean and care for my Luxury Vinyl Tile?

A dust-mop or broom can be used for daily maintenance. When necessary, clean with a moist cloth or mop and a neutral PH cleaner – heavy use of detergent cleaners will leave a residue and, over time, lead to a cloudy film. 

NEVER use floor polish or floor cleaning wax, oil soaps, etc. These products can damage and/or leave a film on the flooring. This is not a defect in the floor. 


  • Keep floors clean
  • Always use felt tip protectors on all furniture legs/feet
  • Entryway/walk off mats are recommended
  • Never use rubber protective mats
  • Area rugs are recommended
  • Keep pet nails trimmed
  • Exposed nails on sharp shoe-heels (e.g. high-heels) may damage floors