Beautiful Tiles For Sale in a Variety of Styles

Beautiful Tiles For Sale in a Variety of Styles

10th Jul 2020

When you’re deciding on the style of tile you want to use when remodeling your home, there’s no reason you have to limit yourself to the same conventional materials and designs. If you know where to look, you will discover that there are a plethora of tile options for you to explore that could revitalize your kitchen, bathroom, or any space in your home.

Here at Tiles Direct, we have beautiful tiles for sale in a variety of styles that you can use to beautify and enhance your home in a number of ways. This quick guide will help you determine whether or not certain types of popular tile are right for the specific project you had in mind.

The truth is that the properties of various kinds of tile can differ dramatically, making certain ones better suited for specific areas of the home compared to others. If for instance, you are planning on putting together a lovely backsplash for your kitchen, you would want to go with a tile that resists moisture better. If the project in question is purely decorative and there is no need to consider any practical qualities, there are specialized tile options that will fit your needs here as well.

When remodeling an area of your home or crafting any kind of tile project, the most valuable information you can have are on the unique qualities that individual varieties of tile can offer you. Some are extremely durable and easy to clean, while others are prized for their beauty and aesthetics, as well as their texture. Knowing the key differences between the various kinds of tile will aid you in your decision as to which style to ultimately buy. 


A common sight in homes around the world, porcelain is prized for its durability and versatility. It is non-porous and generally speaking, easy to take care of. Perhaps one of its greatest benefits is that in recent years, porcelain has been adapted into a truly impressive variety of colors, shapes, and faux materials that give it the likeness of ceramics, elegant marble, or even wood grain.

Porcelain tile is very dense and can endure a lot of wear without the risk of damage. These tiles make excellent choices for all-purpose uses, especially in high-moisture environments such as backsplashes, showers, and bathroom floors.


Porcelain and ceramic share a lot of qualities. Both are quite durable and can be used in a variety of ways. Ceramic is considered to be the true “all-purpose” tile, adequate just about anywhere but not specifically excelling in one particular area. They are affordable, water-resistant, and are being adapted into a variety of “faux” material styles just like porcelain, making them an easy choice for any space in your home.


These tiles are unique and artistic options that work well for walls and floors alike. They are fairly easy to clean and take care of, and can even help insulate your home. Homeowners love them because they can be customized with unique designs and colors, and provide a certain old-world elegance that other tile varieties don’t. The cost of these tiles is somewhat close to ceramics though it increases with the intricacy of the design.


These beautiful tiles work best for vertical surfaces such as shower walls, carrying a particular luminous sheen that other tiles can’t boast. They aren’t difficult to take care of either! They do cost more than the average tile options and can be somewhat difficult to install as well. Think about using these tiles as beautiful bathroom backsplashes or shower accents.


Classic and attractive, marble has been a sign of luxury and refinement in homes for centuries. They reflect light beautifully, are rather durable and long-lasting, and they insulate well compared to artificial materials like porcelain. Marble is generally prized for its unique beauty, every individual tile being one of a kind and difficult to imitate. This raises their value as an aesthetic enhancement for your home that is also quite practical. They are however more expensive than many other kinds of tile and do require routine sealing to prevent surface damage to the stone.

Where Can You Find High-Quality Tiles For Sale?

After reading through this quick list of some of the most popular tile options available, you may be wondering where the best place to find them is. For superior quality and affordability, you can find the tiles for sale that you need to complete your next project right here at Tiles Direct.

Take a look through our extensive catalog of tile options right here on our website or give us a call if you have any questions regarding which tile is right for you and your home!