Best Types of Tile for Living Rooms

6th May 2014

Your flooring choices will have a big impact on the appearance of your home for many years to come. Taking the time to choose floor tiles that will blend seamlessly into your home over time is a wise investment, especially if you change the color or theme of your home often. From colored tile with a seamless appearance to textured tile, there is something that will blend into your home's decor and fit your personal style perfectly.

Mix and Match Patterns

Using Casa Dolce Casa tiles in different colors allows you to create a pattern that matches the theme of your home. For instance, adding bold red tiles in a pattern in the middle of the living room floor instantly adds style and color to your home. Most homeowners opt for neutral surrounding colors when adding a brightly colored pattern. Gray, tan, and white are all options that will form a base color that highlights the patterns that you choose.


tilesdiret-3235__32048.jpg Smooth tile is one of the most common choices for baths and kitchens, but textured stoneware tile is becoming quite popular in other areas of the home. Textured tile is designed to be slightly rougher to the touch than traditional tile and offers the same durability and quality that you expect from Casa Dolce Casa tiles. Mosaic tiles are much smaller than the average tile and offer you the advantage of having a texture appearance while being smooth and easy to care for. A major advantage to choosing tile flooring is that it is very easy to clean and maintain, providing you with a durable option that doesn't require intensive maintenance over time.


Tile installation is similar to installing other types of flooring. After the tiles have been set, you simply need to allow the grout to dry and your flooring is done. If you want to use a pattern, make sure that your contractor knows the style that you want early. Most tile is laid starting from the center of the room, so the design that you choose for the center of the room will be one of the first things completed.