Ceramics: Stay Clean AND Green

Ceramics: Stay Clean AND Green

23rd Nov 2020

With wellness being at the forefront of both conversation and importance this year, selecting floors and surfaces with hygienic benefits has never been more essential. Porcelain and ceramic tile has an extensive list of benefits not only for your personal health, but for the well-being of the environment and future generations to come.

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Ceramic is the easiest surface to clean. Have a spill? Simple - soap and water will do the trick! The kids track in dirt from playing in the yard? A dustpan and broom will sweep it all up! No need to use cleaning products with harsh chemicals that not only are dangerous to inhale, but also wears down the sealer in your ceramic that keeps bacteria from penetrating the surface.

Ceramic is inhospitable to microbes, meaning no mold, mildew, or any other bacteria can grow on the surface. Not only do these impermeable properties make ceramic hypoallergenic, it also means that your tile is resistant to stains and scratches.

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Ceramic and porcelain tile are one of very few flooring options that contain no volatile organic compounds, or VOCs that can be extremely harmful to your health. VOCs are harmful gasses that are often components of petroleum fuels, hydraulic fluids, and paint thinners. VOCs are known to cause headaches, nausea, and nose, eye and throat irritation - with the long-term effects still unknown.

Vinyl, wood flooring, and synthetic carpets all contain high amounts of VOCs. Vinyl also contains polyvinyl chloride (PVCs), a harsh resin that is a health concern among experts. When installing flooring, walls, or other surfaces, be sure to take into account what you and your family will be breathing in.

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There is zero plastic or synthetic material used in the manufacturing of ceramic. In fact, ceramic is made out of 100% natural materials found in the earth that can be crushed up and put back into the earth, recycled, or reused as all over again.

Since ceramic tile is made-up of all natural materials, when installed outdoors it will not do any harm to the environment. By choosing ceramic, you’re ensuring that no VOCs, PVCs, or toxins are being omitted into the air, soil, or surrounding water.

It is important to consider all factors when choosing your tile, but now more than ever, your health should certainly be of significance. Ceramic is substantially the healthiest option for floors and surfaces. And, with so many different colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from, finding the right ceramic tile for your space is a breeze!