Choosing the Right Grout Color with Your Tile

13th Jul 2014

Choosing the right grout color with your tile is just as important as the color of the tile itself. Most homeowners today use the same tile in their home for 10 years or longer, and you don't want to find yourself stuck with something that you dislike. Whether you add a tile backsplash in the kitchen, a bathtub surround in your shower or tile flooring throughout your house, you want to make sure that the grout complements the color of the tile and has a pleasing appearance.

Looking at Your Tiles

When choosing the right grout color with your tile, make sure that you have the tiles in hand before picking a grout. You never know when the tiles you bought online might be slightly darker or lighter in person, and the same thing applies for tiles that you buy from a catalog. Here at Tiles Direct, we use high-quality images of our tile products, but we still suggest that our shoppers wait until they have the tiles delivered before choosing a grout color.

Picking Blending Shades

If you think that grout only comes in shades of white or cream, you'll change your mind once you see some of the newest shades. You'll find everything from bright white to dramatic black grout colors, and you need to decide which shade you like the best. Many homeowners choose a grout color that blends into the color of the tiles. For example, if you choose light tan tiles, you would pick a grout color that dries to a light tan shade. This lets the grout blend into the tiles and keeps the area from looking too jarring or dramatic.

Contrasting Grout Colors

What if you want a room that will make people stop and take notice? Your grout color can actually turn a tile floor or a backsplash into an elegant and eye-catching focal point in your home. Instead of picking a color that matches the tile, choose a grout color in a contrasting shade. One great example of this style is a floor with black tiles and bright white grout. You might opt for a dark brown grout with pale white tiles, black grout with bold yellow tiles or a cream grout with midnight blue tiles. Contrasting your grout and tile colors can increase the stylish look of your home.

Choosing an Accent Color

Some homeowners have problems choosing a grout color because they choose tiles with multiple colors. You might select faux marble tiles with light brown veins running through a cream background, or you might add mosaic tiles with dozens of colors found in the design. When choosing the right grout color with your tile, think about picking an accent color. Pick a dark brown grout shade that matches the veins or another color that picks up on the background colors in a mosaic tile. The grout will pick up on those background shades and create a pulled together look. When choosing your grout, make sure that you pick a color that you like and one that works with the color of your tiles.