Decorative Tiles by Marca Corona

5th Jul 2014

There is a big difference between functional tiles and decorative tiles. Function tiles are those used in hospitals, office buildings and commercial properties. The tiles are stark and plain but feature non-slip surfaces that prevent accidents. Decorative tiles put design above function and come in hundreds of designs and colors for shoppers. Marca Corona wants to change the way that people think about tiles. The company's line of new tiles combine the decorative features you want with the functional aspects you need. When you choose decorative tiles by Marca Corona, you don't have to sacrifice style or design for dependability.


Millions of people around the world want hardwood floors in their homes, but some homeowners know that wood floors are a hassle. In addition to the scratches and stains that appear on the wood, you also have to deal with regular cleaning and staining your floorboards. Thanks to Marca Corona, you can now enjoy the look of wood without the hassles. Its Easywood line uses a new form of technology that blends the look of wood with the strength of porcelain tile. Unlike traditional wood floorboards, you can use the tiles in areas that have a high humidity level, including your bathroom and kitchen. The tiles come in five colors and in one size, but you can cut the tiles into smaller pieces to fit your home.


You'll definitely get a reaction out of others when you use these tiles in your home. Designed for those who want to elicit a passionate response in their homes, the tiles come in ivory, grey, brown, green and black. The brick design features multiple pieces of tile arranged in a modern brick pattern with multiple lighter shades scattered throughout the design. This pattern comes in multiple sizes, and you can choose the same size for your space or use a combination of sizes. Other options include the metallic decorative tiles by Marco Corona. With iridescent elements and a metallic finish, these tiles walk the line between rock and roll and modern chic.

Italian Stone

Not all decorative tiles need dramatic accents or a bold finish. Some homeowners simply want tile that adds to the style of their home without detracting from the decorations and pieces they have on display. If you feel the same way, consider investing in the Italian Stone line. Made from porcelain, the tiles have a soft background color and lighter flecks and shades running across their background. These decorative tiles by Marca Corona come in several patterns. You can choose from traditional larger tiles, tiles with four separate sections in each panel, cross patterned tiles or the grigio tessere style, which uses thin pieces of porcelain in two contrasting colors in each tile. This style comes in four shades that are neutral enough that the tiles will blend with your existing decor. Suitable for use on your floors, tiles from Marca Corona are so stylish that you might want to use your favorite tiles on your walls, too.