Ergon Flooring

9th Jul 2014

One of the first things that people notice when they enter your home is your flooring. Even if you vacuum regularly, your guests might still see those stains caused by your kids and pets. If you have hardwood floors, you probably worry about the floorboards warping and the sealant wearing away. With the wide range of Ergon flooring available at Tiles Direct, you can stop worrying about how others feel about your flooring. Ergon designs will make you love walking through your house, but you'll also find some other great benefits of buying products from this company.

Devotion to the Environment

People all around the world want to know how they can go Green at home, and many people look for Green and environmentally friendly products. The Green Tech line of flooring from Ergon is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring products around. Made from a number of recycled materials, the company can manufacture these tiles without using as much energy as it takes to create other types of tiles. Every time that you step into your house, you'll love knowing that you helped the environment.

Selection of Styles

Ergon made a name for itself with its range of flooring styles. No matter what sense of style you have or the design of your home, you can find a flooring option that is perfect for you. Mikado designs have a slightly modern edge, with small pieces of different colored woods attached together and sliced into smaller pieces to create each individual piece. Wood Talk, which is a type of porcelain tile, looks so much like natural hardwood that few people can tell the difference. Some also love the cooler look of Stone Project tiles or the traditional feel of Elegance and Eco Logik tiles.

Wide Range of Colors

Though some flooring manufacturers offer a limited selection of colors and shades, Ergo knows that homeowners have different tastes and styles, which is why you can find dozens of different colors available. The lighter and paler colors can make a smaller room suddenly feel larger and more spacious, while a darker shade can keep a larger room from overwhelming your senses. You'll also find warmer shades that look almost like honey. Those shades can make your home feel more welcoming and inviting.

Customize Your Home

Ergon flooring makes it easy to customize your house based on your own style and taste. Wood Talk tiles come in simple pieces that look like traditional wood floorboards, but the design also comes in modular pieces that let you combine both types of tiles to make your own floor design. The Green Tech line includes mosaic pieces that let you create a customized look as well. Use the strips for a modern look, the classic mosaic for a textured look or a combination of both to highlight your favorite room. With so many types, designs and colors of Ergon flooring now available, you can redo a single room in your home or replace the flooring throughout your house.