Exterior Tiles

18th Jul 2014

Whether you live in a state with a short summer season, you love getting the chance to head outside and enjoy the sunshine on your shoulders. One of the hottest trends in the world of outdoor decorating is an outdoor entertaining space. Homeowners today want to add outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and smokers that let them cook for their guests, and others love having a swimming pool where they can take a dip on a hot day. With the right exterior tiles, you can add new features to your lawn or highlight the features you already have.

How to Use Outdoor Tiles

While there are dozens of ways that you can use tiles inside your house, there are also ways to use those tiles outside. If you have a swimming pool or a fire pit in your backyard, you can use tiles in the same way you would brick or stone pavers. Arrange those stones to create a straight or winding path that leads from your door to the pool. This lets your guests know where to walk and helps keep your grass and plants safe. You might use the tiles to create a large patio area off to the side of your house or right behind your house, and you can use the tiles to highlight your landscaping features, too. If you have a covered deck or porch attached to your house, why not use some gorgeous tiles to decorate an interior or exterior wall on that space, too?

Types of Tiles for Outside

One of the best types of outdoor tiles is flagstone. Manufacturers create flagstone tiles in one of two ways. Some companies locate the stones in nature, bring the stones back to the factory and buff the stones to a high sheen before cutting the pieces into smaller tiles. Other companies work with large quarries that produce large boulders. The manufacturers cut and polish each stone before selling those tiles to the public. At Tiles Direct, you'll find flagstone tiles available in both deep green and black. You can also use other types of natural stone for your outdoor needs, and some types of metal and glass stones may also suit your needs.

Benefits of Exterior Tiles

No matter where you live, you know that the weather changes on a regular basis. Exterior tiles made from flagstone, natural stone or other materials can withstand those climate changes better than other materials can. Some stones have a thin sealant added to the surface that keeps the tiles from absorbing moisture during rainstorms or from snow. Those tiles also hold up well to the freeze-thaw cycle experienced in much of the Midwest. When used and installed properly, outdoor tiles can make use of a wasted space in your yard and reduce the amount of time that you spend mowing and caring for your lawn. If you want a place to spend time with family and friends when the weather is nice, use outdoor tiles in your yard.