Horus Art Tile

10th Jul 2014

The people behind Horus Art founded the company on the idea that everyone deserved the right to elegant and handcrafted tiles. Those working for the company look to nature for inspiration, and when you see the art tiles available from Horus Art, you'll notice those natural accents flowing through each piece. Though some of the designs from this company are perfect for helping inspire you and improve your mood, other pieces create a striking and bold look when mixed with some of the more basic designs. These tiles are perfect for your bathroom, floor and beyond.

Cristalli Tiles

The Cristalli Horus Art tiles comes in five elegant colors: ecru, vanilla, bianco, biscuit and melange sabbia. Ecru has a soft brown finish, while vanilla is a slightly off-white shade. Biscuit is similar to vanilla but with a softer finish, and bianco is a clean and classic shade of white. The melange sabbia mixes shades of tan and gray, and it comes in two mosaic designs. One of those designs uses tiny squares, while the other design resembles a brick segment. Horus Art wants you to create a style that works for you, which is why the company offers scrolls and floral designs. Whether you want to use those pieces to create a unique border, or you cover an entire space with those pieces, you'll never grow tired of these unusual designs.

Tiffany Tiles

The Tiffany tiles come in the same bianco and biscuit colors, but the company also offers this tile design in a darker shade of brown that they call Tortora. Though these tiles share some similarities with the Cristalli line, the tiles have a shinier and glossier finish. In addition to traditional square and rectangular shapes, this House Art tile design also comes in some unique shapes and sizes. The skirting pieces are perfect for dividing a carpeted room from a tiled room or for highlighting a specific portion of the floor, while the molding pieces let you create a dividing line between your ceiling and a tiled wall. The molding pieces come in various sizes that help you create a focal point or make the tile blend with the rest of the room.

Broadway Tiles

Crema, latte, nocciola and pistachio are the four colors you can choose from when buying Broadway tiles. Pistachio is a slightly cool shade of green, while latte is a soft white color with a touch of brown. The crema color is a soft shade of brown, while the nocciola is a slightly darker brown color. Like its other products, this Horus Art tile comes in both classic shapes and unique designs. You can clearly see the curved lines and other natural elements when looking at corner moldings and floral patterned tiles available in this line. The company offers multiple types of moldings and other accessories that match the classic tiles. Those accessories let you change the look of any wall or floor in your house, but you'll also love combining those pieces together to create a backsplash or an accent wall as well.