How a White Subway Tile Backsplash Can Enhance Your Home

How a White Subway Tile Backsplash Can Enhance Your Home

5th May 2020

white subway tile backsplash is a simple and effective way to give your home a modern, classy look that also serves a practical purpose by protecting certain areas of your kitchen and bathroom from moisture damage and stains.

While there are certainly a plethora of beautiful tile options available for your backsplash project, subway tile offers a minimalist and timeless option that is easy to pair with a wide variety of home decor themes and styles. A white subway tile backsplash is also extremely versatile and can be adjusted to suit your specific needs, whether you want to cover simply a small portion of wall behind your sink, or the entire length of a room.

There are a multitude of ways in which a properly installed subway tile backsplash can enhance your home and give it that simple touch of refinement you’ve been looking for. Originally designed as a clean and aesthetic tiling option for New York City subways, this style has translated perfectly into countless homes.

If you’re searching for a tile solution for your backsplash, white subway tile is a solid solution that is easy to incorporate into virtually any kitchen design

The Perfect Tile For Kitchens and Bathrooms
Subway tiles have just the right blend of functionality and elegance that make them an easy fit in most homes and for a variety of applications. Because these tiles were originally designed to be easily and effortlessly maintained, that convention still holds true about them.

Typically crafted from durable and easy to clean ceramics, these tiles are the perfect choice for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes because they are non-porous and not easily stained or damaged by moisture. It is quite simple to keep them clean simply by wiping them down with warm water and gentle soap, not unlike a countertop.

Subway tile also goes a long way in preventing water damage to drywall and wood surfaces, preventing a load of hassle. Not only will the addition of a white subway tile backsplash protect the integrity of your walls and make cleaning a breeze, but the areas around your sinks will also look stunning as well.

Interesting Patterns and Designs
Because subway tiles are so simplistic, it is relatively easy to arrange them in interesting and fun patterns. Backsplashes are also not nearly as large as other areas of your home that may require tile, which means you have a lot more leeway to experiment and create a dynamic look that can help to complement the surrounding tile or simply add a bit of excitement to your home aesthetic.

For example, you can lay subway tiles diagonally across for a striking and fun look, or go for something more functional and minimalist such as a chevron pattern or straight-stack design. You can also lay them two by two alternating between vertical and horizontal to create an interesting basket weave pattern. The classic shape of subway tile lends itself perfectly to being used in a wide variety of ways.

Reliable and Affordable
Subway tile is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your kitchens and bathrooms from any kind of moisture damage. Constructed out of durable and long-lasting ceramics and porcelain, these tiles not only look effortlessly elegant, but will likely last for as long as you own your home and then some.

Beyond being easy to maintain and an excellent way to safeguard your walls from water damage, ceramics and porcelain tend to be some of the more affordable tile options available, making these kinds of subway tile a wonderful option if you are on a strict budget.

Locating the Best Subway Tile For Your Backsplash
Creating an attractive subway tile backsplash is easy with the beautiful high-quality tile options you can find right here in our online store. Here at Tiles Direct, we strive to meet the demands of our customers with only the highest quality tiles and premium customer service. Not only will you be able to find a variety of beautiful subway tiles for your kitchen or bathroom backsplash in our impressive catalog, you know you will be getting quality you can count on.

You want your white subway tile backsplash to become a seamless and elegant addition to your home that’s worth your time and investment, not a liability that will need replacing in a few years. This is why you want to select your tile from a reliable source such as Tiles Direct that can assist you with bringing your backsplash ideas to life. We have the expertise to guide you through selecting the perfect tile for your home and will be able to address your concerns along the way. You can reach us at 407-730-0025.