How Can I Get Discount Tile?

How Can I Get Discount Tile?

14th Apr 2020

Purchasing high-quality tile for your bathroom or kitchen shouldn’t have to be an arduous task, nor should it be an expensive one. If your home remodeling or improvement project requires a substantial amount of tile, the costs could add up quickly. So the question is, where can you find discount tile that’s not only excellent quality but also attractive and trendy?

There are several options to consider if you are looking for discount tiles, but if you want the widest selection and the highest quality, you’re going to want to take your search online. While it’s true that online shopping has become increasingly popular over the years, we typically think of using such services to purchase clothing and groceries, not home improvement materials.

Purchasing tile online is not only simple, but it also allows you to have access to a much wider selection and range of styles and materials than you would if you opted to search for your tile in hardware or department stores. Because of the sheer amount of tile styles and shapes, there are thousands of different varieties to choose from, making it the ideal kind of item to purchase online. If you are searching for a specific color or design, you are much more likely to find it readily available online than in-store.

The Premiere Tile Outlet Online
Quality tile is easy to find online if you know where to look. Here at Tiles Direct, we have spent years creating relationships with the leading tile manufacturers in the industry, enabling us to provide our customers with an incredible variety of tile at an affordable price point.

Our robust selection of tile means you won’t have to worry about not finding what you need, regardless of the composition or design. Alongside our large product selection, our in-house customer support team has years of design knowledge and is ready and available to assist you along the way.

Here are just a few of the different types of discount tile we carry in our store:

Natural Stone
Always a popular choice, tile that includes natural stone can be made from any number of different materials, including sandstone, limestone, granite, and of course marble, one of the most popular and stunning varieties of tile throughout history.


Technically a type of ceramic, this kind of tile remains popular for its reliable durability as well as its ability to take on the appearance of other kinds of material, such as marble, metals, and even wood.


Ceramic tile has long been a mainstay in homes everywhere, for its easy to clean and adaptable qualities. Made of a mixture of clay and water they are most often used as bathroom wall tile and kitchen tile.


This tile design has been growing in popularity in recent years for its whimsical, feminine appearance. Inspired by Islamic art and the shape of an arabesque dancer’s body, creating a wide variety of different shaped tiles and patterns that create a regal and artistic look.

This artistic tile pattern utilizes rectangular tile to form a minimalist and attractive look that works well for both walls and flooring. Named after the body of the herringbone fish, it is created by placing the short end of a tile against the long end of another, over and over again. It is easy to create a herringbone pattern out of the most simple styles of tile, creating a distinct and classy look.


Drawing its name from the classic look of New York City subways, the simple rectangular design of this tile is typically used for bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes. Subway tiles tend to be used for more minimalist designs, making them a perfect fit for a wide variety of attractive layouts.

Get The Tile You Need
This is just a small selection of what you can expect to find when you purchase online from Tiles Direct! You can create a beautiful tile arrangement in your home without spending a fortune, whether you are simply putting up some plain white bathroom tile or an elaborate mosaic backsplash in your kitchen. We have everything you’re looking for and more at Tiles Direct!

Our decades of collective experience and dedication to customer service means that you will not only be able to find what you are looking for, but it will also be at the best price. You can be sure that your tile will be delivered quickly and without hassle. For the best possible tile experience, the choice is clear. If you have any questions about our products, you can also reach us anytime at