How To Care For Your Tile with Tiles Direct

9th Apr 2014

Specialized Floor Care

After installing tile in your home, it is important to care for the product properly to maintain its appearance for as many years as possible. Each type of tile requires specialized care with particular tools and cleaners to prevent damage such as scratches or chips that mar the surface of different materials. The best type of chemicals you should use for cleaning a building’s floor also depends on the amount of traffic the surface receives. This means that homeowners and property managers may need to clean floor surfaces in each room of a building in a specialized way.

Use Mild Cleansers

How To Care For Your Tile with Tiles Direct

Mild cleansers are always the best item to use to clean tile products to avoid damage, including discoloration. Harsh cleaners such as bleach, ammonia, or scouring powders are not appropriate for any type of tile. In addition, if a tile is not glazed, avoid using cleansers with coloring agents that can seep into the material, causing stains. While you may want a building’s tile to shine and repel moisture, oily detergents or wax cleaners contain chemicals that are damaging to flooring material. One of the best ways to help tile last longer is by regularly sweeping, dust mopping, or vacuuming floors to remove debris that can scratch surfaces.

Follow Manufacturer’s Directions

Washing flooring with a soft mop dipped in warm water and mild cleanser once a week helps to preserve its surface longer. Stains are less likely to develop on floors washed frequently, helping to avoid needing to replace tiles or use strong chemicals for cleaning. The grout used between tiles to attach it to underlying surfaces requires special care approximately twice a year with an application of silicon sealer to prevent moisture from seeping into the substance. Occasionally, a stronger chemical is required to remove a difficult stain from tile. Buy floor cleaners formulated for the tile’s materials at a store, and follow the manufacturer’s directions to eliminate a stubborn stain.