The Benefits of Porcelain Tile

The Benefits of Porcelain Tile

16th Mar 2020

Choosing what kind of tile best fits your needs is no easy task when you consider how many different varieties and styles of tile there actually are. You may be considering porcelain tile for your project since you’ve likely heard how durable and easy to maintain it is, but you’re still unsure.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of porcelain tile and why it has been such a standard in homes around the world for hundreds of years.

Simplistic and Aesthetic
Porcelain has always been a reliable choice for anyone looking for a simple tile that’s minimalistic and beautiful. Not only are there a wide variety of whites, creams, and greys to choose from, there are also earth tones, pitch blacks, and porcelain that even mimics the look of wood, such as this tile from Tiles Direct.

This makes porcelain tile highly adaptable. Because the color and design options of porcelain can be controlled through adding pigment before the baking process, there are hundreds of different colors and patterns out there that are suitable for just about any kind of home improvement project you have in mind.

It is also the perfect solution for backsplashes and other small accents to your home. Because porcelain is so versatile, you can install it just about anywhere and achieve the look you are going for. It’s not just a solution for shower tiling or kitchen floors. Whether you intend on making a small addition to your home or remodeling an entire room, there’s a style of porcelain tile that will fit what you’re going for.

Extremely Durable
One of the clearest benefits of porcelain is its innate durability. Porcelain is made by baking natural clays to high temperatures, which causes them to come out extraordinarily dense and hardy. It’s for this reason why porcelain is not only used in wall tiling but flooring as well. It is naturally water-resistant and can endure constant foot-traffic without chipping or wearing down over time.

Such natural durability means you can safely invest with the long term in mind. Porcelain isn’t going to need to be constantly replaced every few years like other kinds of tile surfaces. If you install high-quality tile from a reputable distributor like Tiles Direct, you can be sure that you’re making a sound investment not only for the look and feel of your bathroom or kitchen but in the practical sense as well.

It’s also important to note that the natural durability of porcelain lends itself to being used outdoors as well. Because it is so dense and durable it won’t be affected by temperature extremes or inclement weather. Its water-resistant qualities also make it rather impervious to rain or flooding.

Easy to Maintenance and Clean
If you’re concerned about how difficult the upkeep is, don’t be. Porcelain is perhaps one of the easiest kinds of tile to care for because it doesn’t retain water and can be scrubbed and wiped off effortlessly.

Less durable kinds of tile also can’t be exposed to certain cleaning methods because of the risk of damage. Cleaning porcelain is quite easy however and doesn’t necessarily even require extensive cleaning products or chemicals.

Once every few weeks all you have to do is mix about ¼ cup of white vinegar with 2 gallons of water and scrub the desired areas. You can also use gentle dish soap if you don’t have any vinegar on hand. If you are cleaning floor tiles, don’t forget to sweep and vacuum beforehand. Avoid using sponges as these can actually push dirt and bacteria into the grout lines between the tiles.

Money-Saving Solution
Due to the amazing qualities that porcelain possesses, it happens to be an extremely cost-effective solution for your home that will save you a lot of money over time.

The upfront cost of porcelain is not all that high to begin with, but the real savings come down the road when you’ll avoid having to constantly repair and replace damaged surfaces. Because you don’t have to worry about dings, chips, and water damage, you’re essentially future-proofing your home.

This makes a huge difference when you consider how much more of a headache linoleum and other cheap kinds of tile are. Poor quality surfaces, in general, are also more difficult to clean as well, making it a poor long term investment for your home.

It’s clear that porcelain has several key benefits that make it worth investing in, even if your only concern is saving money. If you have questions about finding the right kind of tile for you, the experts over at Tiles Direct will help you choose the best kind of tile for your project and will address any concerns you may have.