Wall Tiles for Your Shower

15th Jul 2014

Your shower is the one place in your home where you can enjoy peace and quiet. It's the one place your kids won't rush in and ask about dinner, and the only place where your spouse won't interrupt you with questions and stories about the day. The next time that you climb in the shower and sigh when you see the tiles on the surround, consider replacing those tiles with a new design. Tiles Direct offers the widest selection of ceramic, glass, metal and porcelain tiles, and you'll find a design that will transform your bathroom.

Stone Tiles

Do you have a bathtub and shower combination? Do you love the idea of relaxing in your tub or shower and feeling like you're in the rustic Italian countryside? With stone wall tiles for your shower, you'll feel like that every time you step under the water. Though some people worry about using natural stone tiles in a bathroom because stone is naturally absorbent, the tiles created by modern manufacturers feature a clear sealant added to the surface that protects the tiles from water without interfering with its color or design. The Italian Country Rosa tiles feature the classic textured design and warm colors that you would expect from natural stone, and the tiles look great in any bathroom.

Glass Tiles

Not everyone loves the rustic or traditional look of natural stone tiles. If you want a modern look in your bathroom, consider glass tiles. These are the same tiles used by upscale salons, resorts and spas all around the world. The owners of those properties know that glass tiles have an upscale and relaxing feel. Glass tiles in shades of clear designs and shades of pale green and blue are a popular choice for homeowners, but new designs now come in even more colors. Glass Arizona tiles feature various shades of brown and tan and make your bathroom look a little more unique. You can even mix glass tiles with tiles made from porcelain, ceramic or other materials for a customized design.

Mosaic Tiles

Looking for wall tiles for your shower that will catch your eye and reflect light around the room? Some of the newest mosaic designs do all that and much more. The Vetro Metalli Cromo is a great option for a shower surround or a wall behind your shower. It features smaller tiles in various shades of black and gray with a metallic finish. When used with other complementary tile shades, it turns your shower into the focal point of the room. You might also enjoy the look of Vetro Melange Chiaro Mosaico tiles, which feature smaller tiles in shades of brown and tan arranged in a rustic pattern. Wall tiles for your shower let you update your bathroom without replacing the entire room, and you'll find a variety of designs that work well if you do decide to completely renovate your bathroom. Shop for new mosaic tiles, glass tiles and stone tiles for your bathroom and shower today.