Why Buy Alfalux Tiles

7th Jul 2014

Based out of Italy, Alfalux is one of those few companies that truly cares about its customers. After listening to what customers wanted, Alfalux decided to focus on perfecting its two largest lines of tiles instead of releasing new designs every year. Those tiles somehow manage to look both classic and contemporary, which ensures that customers will love those tiles now and long into the future. When choosing new tiles for your walls, floors or other areas of your home, you'll want to know why you should buy from Alfalux instead of other manufacturers.

For Residential and Commercial Uses

Alfalux is one of the few companies that guarantees that its products work in both residential and commercial areas. Commercial tiles are often dull and boring. The manufacturers behind those designs want to create simple pieces that will work in a range of settings and for companies and businesses of different sizes and types. Alfalux believes in creating strong and durable tiles that still have a decorative design and in creating tiles that homeowners and business owners can both use.

Its Low Cost

Buying tiles from Italy might sound expensive, but Alfalux knows how to keep costs down. At Tiles Direct, you can find boxes of the Gallura and Stone Prints tiles for much less than you expected. Those boxes can cover nearly 14 square feet of space, which is enough tile to cover an accent wall or your entryway. Before purchasing a box, measure the size of the space and determine the overall square footage of the space. It's often helpful to buy slightly more than you thought to compensate for any tiles you break or damage during installation.

The Color and Styles

If you want to know why you should buy Alfalux tiles, you probably haven't yet looked at the colors and styles available. The Stone Prints line uses a unique manufacturing process that adds oxidized metal to a classic porcelain tile. That metal gives the tiles a slightly shiny finish and recreates the natural look of veins moving through natural stone. The Gallura line uses porcelain tile that mimics the look of the volcanic stones you might find outside an active volcano. Alfalux gives you ample color choices that range from the deep gray/black Nero shade to a classic warm, brown cappuccino color.


The last thing you want is for your home to look exactly the same as all the other homes on your block, and Alfalux gives you the option of customizing your wall or floor. Mosaic tiles add that powerful punch that will turn a basic wall into a focal point or add interest to your floor. The company also gives you the option of purchasing matching bullnose tiles pieces, which feature rounded edges and create a classic border around a tiled area. Elegant styles, multiple colors and durability are just a few reasons why Alfalux tiles are right for your home.