FILA Sealers - PW10 Anti-Contaminant Back Sealer - 1 Gallon

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Product Overview

Permanently protects tile surfaces from streaks or stains caused by efflorescence. Prevents mineral deposits from rising through the substrate and sides to the material surface. Specifically created for all natural stone, terracotta and absorbent materials. Ideal for floor, stair and wall coverings. Ideal For: All Natural Stone, Terracotta And Absorbent Materials Advantages: Eco-friendly: Water-based And Voc-free. Apply To The Back And Sides Of Tiles And Slabs In Absorbent Materials Prior To Installation. Ready to use, no dilution necessary. Thoroughly clean the back and sides of the tile or slab, removing dust and residue. Apply FILA PW10 evenly to the back and sides of the material using a large, flat paintbrush or airless sprayer.Avoid pooling.Let dry for 24 hours before installing the floor or wall covering.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review