Celebrating National Tile Day with Tiles Direct

Celebrating National Tile Day with Tiles Direct

23rd Feb 2021

Tile is universally adored in architecture and design for both its form and function. From kitchen backsplashes, showers, and outdoor spaces, to commercial and industrial buildings, tile provides a multitude of design options through color, texture, and dimension.

This year, February 23rd marks the fourth annual National Tile Day, a day to recognize the beauty, functionality, and sustainability of one of the most versatile materials in the world. Celebrate with Tiles Direct as we share our appreciation for the beauty and infinite uses of porcelain and ceramic tile.

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1. A Healthy Environment 

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are one of the safest materials to use for homes and businesses. Crafted in high temperatures, tile is free from volatile organic compounds found most other flooring materials. These VOCs can contribute to a number of health problems such as asthma, allergies, and sick building syndrome. Tile is also non-flammable, reducing flame spread and smoke inhalation that could occur in simple kitchen accidents.

For more information on how tile helps to create a healthy environment, visit our blog here.

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2. Durability

Tile is highly resistant to wear and tear. Not easily affected by water, fire, and UV rays, tile is able to sustain even the most extreme conditions making it the ideal choice for both interior and exterior applications. The natural materials that are masterfully fired at high temperatures ensure that each tile design will never fade and can’t easily be worn, even in high traffic areas.

The resistance of porcelain and ceramic tile ultimately reduces one’s cost of living. The resilience of this all-natural material will save both time and money, requiring little to no maintenance. For more information on tile’s durability, click here

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3. Energy Efficient 

One way to keep the costs of the electric bill down is by installing porcelain and ceramic tile! These products are a natural insulator for the home. Ceramic tile’s thermal mass slows the rate at which they heat up or cool. Consequently, when they are used in the home, they help to insulate it from the outdoor weather, avoiding sharp temperature changes.

Made up of ground raw materials such as glass, clay, and sand, all of these materials are renewable and recyclable. With a reduction on energy use and waste, tile is a great way to add to your green footprint. 

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4. Style 

Tile has come a long way in the design realm. In ancient times, tile was a product for the aristocrats. With a hand-made look and only a small amount produced at one time, it was not an easy material to come by. The design-aspect of porcelain and ceramic were put on the back-burner as the durability of the product was the primary focus.

Thanks to the latest advancements in manufacturing technology, tile has been able to expand beyond traditional offerings. With more texture options, brighter, more precise colors than ever before, and eccentric shapes and sizes, the design possibilities are endless. From rustic chic to tactile elegance, there is a tile to fit any design need. Visit our blog on unexpected things to look for in tile stores when creating your designs!

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5. An Extensive History

Throughout history, ceramic tile has represented the perfect union of art and architecture. The lavishness of tile adorns our greatest buildings and historical icons. From historic churches, educational buildings, and grand hotel lobbies, tile influences the flourishing décor that makes these spaces so admirable.

Each tile carries the DNA of thousands of years of history, connecting any space to a rich cultural heritage. Tile connects individuals in many different ways and from all walks of life. The secret ingredient that makes tile so technologically superior to other choices can be summarized in one word: people. From the men and women who create these new and exciting surfaces, to the purchaser, the installer, and everyone in between.

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